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Group Class Schedules

Kids Classes

Games, challenges, and drills to have fun moving!
Age-appropriate curriculum on all the fundamental positions and submissions in BJJ.
How to show respect for others and ourselves.
Practicing self-control to keep ourselves and others safe.

Adult Classes

Learn all key aspects of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for self-defense and sport.
Unlearn mental and physical instincts that undermine your confidence and capability.
Get in the best shape of your life!
Be part of an encouraging group of patient co-learners of various skill levels.

Class descriptions:

"All levels" - no experience required.  Techniques tailored to the experience level of the attendees.  Typical class structure: Warmups/drilling, technique, specific training.


"Comp/Advanced" - some BJJ experience required.  Higher paced.  Focused less on refining/learning new techniques, more on repetition and live training.  Example class structure: reviewing mount escapes, drilling mount escapes, live training from standing - first points wins, 4 sparring rounds.

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