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Founder and Professor Collin Davey

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > José Olimpio >
Lucas Rocha > Collin Davey

Collin Davey began his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instruction under Flavio Meier (three-time World and two-time Pan Am champion) in 2010.  In the following years, he trained under nationally and internationally ranked competitors like Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrossa, Diego Ramalho, and Estevan Martinez.  In 2021, he received his black belt from Lucas Rocha, founder of Logic BJJ and winner of multiple Pan Am, World, and Brazilian National Championships.


In founding Brave Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Collin draws on many years of experience teaching, coaching, and educational management.  This includes 6+ years of classroom teaching experience, and six years of management for national education company Steve and Kate’s.  As area director, Collin directly oversaw serving nearly 1,400 families each year, as well as managing a staff of 50 direct and indirect reports.

He has two (tall!) sons, and has been happily married to co-founder Brittney Davey since 1998.

Co-founder Brittney Davey

Brittney Davey has long experience in educational management and building positive community in a variety of settings.  She worked alongside Collin as Area Director for Steve and Kate's before moving into the non-profit sector.  She continued to serve families by working in Development for the March of Dimes, working with schools, community organizations, and individual donors.  Her most recent position was working to keep alive the values and legacy of former President Ronald Reagan at The Ronald Reagan Foundation.

Brittney loves (and misses!) her two boys, wild birds, seasonal decorating and has been happily married to co-founder Collin Davey since 1998.

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